This is for the Youtube Dance Group Hatsukoi. We are a dance group that consists of 4 girls and we dance to J-pop and K-pop! Please join and support us.
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 Forum Functions and How to fill in your profile.

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PostSubject: Forum Functions and How to fill in your profile.   Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:05 am

Well first of all thank you for making an account on here! This will be used so we can communicate a little bit easier between the six of us.

This forum is a bit weird so I will go through everything.

The home button will take you to the main forum page, as you will see there is a chat box in front. So maybe if two of us are on at the time or more we can chat or talk about the group.

The Calendar Button Will take you to a calendar and will be used to let you know the dance deadlines, when we are releasing the videos, any upcoming stuff like in Japan or what not, so please check this if you are unsure when you need your dance to be in by.

The FAQ Button will be for random questions we get about the group or anything. Any kind of questions will go on this page.

The Search Button Is where you can search any topic or search by a user to see their posts. It could be useful if your looking for a certain post.

The Members Button is where you can see all the registered users. You can even search if you'd like!

The Groups Button is where you can apply to be a moderator? I am not sure really about its function.

The Profile Button will take you to your profile to where you can add and fill it in!

The Message Button will take you to your inbox. This is a place where you can send and receive private messages.

The Logout Button It will sign you out.. obviously!


How to fill out your profile!

1) First click profile

On Information fill as much or as little as you want! It is up to you.

On Preferences you can change it to whether you be notified and you can change the time zone you want it to be in. There are some other few options.

On signature you can add a signature to your posts , that will automatically be there. It can be a smaller image or text or both! Please make sure images are no bigger than 500 px on each side.

At Avatar you can upload your own picture from a url or from your computer to set as your picture. Or use any in the Gallery Very Happy

On Friends and Foes you can set your friends and you can also block people... but we dont need the blocking lol!

You can also watch and favorite topics in the last 2 options!

If you have further questions please post a topic in this thread!

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Forum Functions and How to fill in your profile.
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