This is for the Youtube Dance Group Hatsukoi. We are a dance group that consists of 4 girls and we dance to J-pop and K-pop! Please join and support us.
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 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Group

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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Group   Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:18 am

Here is some questions I thought alot of people might have?

What is Hatsukoi Project?

We are a group of 6 girls from all over the country. We each love Japanese culture and are fascinated by it! We originated on Youtube, and dance to K-pop, and Japanese related music.

Who is in the Project?

Right now we have 6 members! Each one of us dances differently and has a different personality and dance style which makes us unique.
Our current Members of our group are:

YAYA/ AnimeXKitty -
Ki / BorderlineChocolate -
Lindasy/ CaptainNono-
Kelsey/ KimonoTime -
Rebecca/ Randomese8 -
Ayu/ Stantlur -

Why were these girl chosen? I didn't see you hold any auditions for this group.

Lindsay actually came up to me with the idea of a group and we both agreed we should make another group as our last group we tried to establish failed. We chose the girls we did because we think they are very good dancers and they bring such emotion and happiness to their dancing. If you don't agree with our choices we are not forcing you to watch us. We didn't hold auditions, because we wanted to get this group going as soon as possible.

Can I be a part of this group/ Will you be adding more members?? It looks really fun!

Well we actually might add more members , so don't keep your head down. If one girl decides she does not want to be part of the group anymore, or can no longer, we will be replacing her.
We also might upgrade this group to 8 girls.. so 2 more spots might be open in the future. We will hold an audition video which will require you to make an introduction + show us your dancing!

Are there any requirements to be part of the group?

Well all I ask is to get your dance video in in 2-3 weeks and be a frequent video poster..Does not matter if your bad at dancing or not.. we look for how happy you are when you do! I'd like the group to release 2 a month but that will probably be really hard to do that as everyone has different schedules.

Can I suggest a song for you guys to cover?

Of course! Please send us your requests with a video! But make sure it is J-pop or K-pop!

I think your group is dumb... etc... etc..

We are not forcing you to watch us.. so please do not come hate.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Group
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