This is for the Youtube Dance Group Hatsukoi. We are a dance group that consists of 4 girls and we dance to J-pop and K-pop! Please join and support us.
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 About Hatsukoi Project Member: Stantlur

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PostSubject: About Hatsukoi Project Member: Stantlur   Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:35 am

Hi my name is Ayu!
I am 19 years old.. yes I am an old one.w
I am 4'10 and 103 lbs.
I have longer blonde hair and blue/green eyes.
I love japanese men.... w
I have loved anime since I was around 13-14 yrs old.
My favorite Animes are: AIR, True Tears, Digi Charat, and Moetan!
My favorite music groups/artists are: Perfume, Mosaic.Wav, Miss A, SNSD, and DJ Sharpnel!
I also love classical music.
I love wildlife animals like Camels, Lions, Orcas, turtles... everything!!! Soo cute!
I have 16 pets. 6 Dogs, 3 cats and 7 horses! rendeer elephant
Oh and I freakin love pokemon!

Here are some of my dance videos!




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PostSubject: Re: About Hatsukoi Project Member: Stantlur   Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:37 pm

Hello! I'm Ki^^

I turned 19 this year
I'm 5'7" and 143lbs (it's all muscle I swear T_T)
I don't like wearing make-up
I love watching anime reading manga and watching asian dramas instead of doing homework
I love j-pop k-pop, progressive rock , trance , neo-classical music and new jazz
But I also know almost every song on the radio thanks to my roommates
I like collecting different kinds of post it notes
I'm currently learning Japanese
I am a twin
I own about 35 Japanese magazines

Here are a few of my covers

I also choreograph^^
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About Hatsukoi Project Member: Stantlur
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